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Study: Recipe To A Happy Marriage Is Sex


Marriage is not an easy journey and takes hard work, communication, and understanding from both partners involved. However, according to a recent study, the key ingredient to a happy marriage equals sex. The team found that this activity creates an “afterglow’ that lasts for about 48 hours. Even more, this afterglow is an important element to boosting satisfaction around a long-term union.

The study, hailing out of the Florida State University and lead by Andrea Meltzer, hypothesized that this afterglow, or moreover a time frame that is referred to as ‘sexual satisfaction’, is produced after a married couple partakes in the act. The team goes on to state that this afterglow increases the bond between two partners that engage in the activity, which thus helps to enhance the satisfaction of the relationship over longer periods of time. The idea was tested by reviewing two studies, which had data for over 200 couples that had just gotten married.

Medical News Today revealed that the study had these newlyweds complete a diary, daily, for two weeks. Every day, partners were asked to log into their journal as to whether they had engaged in sex with their spouse, and the satisfaction they had with their sex life. The duos were also told to rate their satisfaction around their relationship, marriage, and partner, each day.

To boot, satisfaction around the marriage for each twosome were reviewed as a baseline for the study and a follow up was conducted four to six months later.

As per the two-week period of the study, couples stated they had sex approximately four days during that time, overall. Sexual activity was not only linked to the sexual satisfaction on the day of said activity, but the team also noticed that the act created a certain ‘afterglow’ that remained with the couple for two days.

The results stayed intact, even after accounting for other factors, which included: gender, age, personality, duration of relationship, and sexual frequency.

The study also revealed that those duos who had a strong sex afterglow were likelier to have a stronger marital satisfaction number four to six months after during follow up, versus those twosomes who had a weaker afterglow when it came to sex.

Lead author, Meltzer, stated the study results are vital, as they support past studies which have revealed the huge role sex plays when it comes to marital couples and bonding.





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