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Study Reveals Eating Well Can Result In An Improved Mood:


Feeling like you’re in a mental fog, or funk and can’t seem to shake it? Even if there’s really nothing wrong in your life you can often suffer from depression, anxiety, and feeling down all due to how your gut is functioning. What you feed your gut can seriously alter the mind through its ability to develop molecules as a result of breaking down your food. Sometimes all you need to do to start improving your mood is simply eat healthy!

Recently reported in the South China Morning Post, Shawn Talbott, from the American College of Nutrition and the American Institute of Stress revealed how easy this small dietary change can be for millions. He reports that eating well can be more effective than incorporating prescription drugs and a healthier alternative that can last a lifetime.

Backing this theory is a study recently published by a team from the University College London that suggests the positive results found from switching to a Mediterrean diet to reap the mental health benefits. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables for instance has the ability to protect the brain from stress and inflammation according to Camille Lassale from the University. Additionally, she offered that healthy nutritional habits such as this “can affect the neurotransmitters responsible for regulating emotion.”

Seems like a no brainer, right? Just pay a little more attention to your diet for a happier outlook on your day! When you eat well and take better care of yourself, you exude a glow that is visible to all. Perhaps start off by making yourself a food journal and see how your mood differs by what you eat each day. It should be a very telling way to see what meals make a huge difference in your overall mental health.


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