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Study: Turns Out Romance Isn’t That Important


Nothing better than settling down to a nice romantic film with your significant other after a long hard week. While we all love seeing romance on the big screen, a study has recently dived into the idea that romance might be overrated when it comes to relationships amongst Americans. Rather, compassion and acts of kindness seem to be bigger on the priority list.

Medical News Today revealed that the study was led by Saeideh Heshmati, postdoctoral scholar, Pennsylvania State University and close to 500 U.S. adults, aged 50, were questioned regarding approximately 60 differing situations. Answers were placed into an intricate math model, then measured and sorted for analyzation. The scenarios were proposed around the idea of where ‘love’ might be felt. The situations varied and were negative, positive, and neutral; where nature, lovers, and pets were involved. Some of the questions included if respondents felt loved when someone wanted to know where they were at all times; when the hung out with friends; saw the sun shining; or came home to a pet greeting them.

Using the Condorcet model, the researchers hypothesized that the respondents felt loved the most when it was shown to them via behavioral actions, versus verbal. Heshmati noted that snuggling a child offered that feeling of love, opposed to someone saying, ‘I love you’.

Moreover, the two scenarios that hit the highest rankings were when an individual showed compassion to someone going through a rough time and snuggling with children. The third spot? That went to our furry friends, and anyone that owns a pet and comes home after a long day at work can relate to feeling loved based on the reaction of happiness they get from their dog, cat, bird, etc.

Interestingly enough, hearing someone say, ‘I love you’ hit fourth place when it came to feeling loved.

What have we all learned? Well, when it comes to love, it seems that it is better to walk the walk. Romance is great for the movies, but showing love is what really matters in life.





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