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Study: Walking Can Extend Your Life


When the warmer weather hits, people head outside, and sometimes there’s nothing more beautiful than taking a nice stroll around your neighborhood on a summer’s night. As per a study, walking isn’t only a nice way to enjoy the sun, it can also extend a person’s life. In fact, recent research revealed that merely 40-minute walks, several times weekly, decreases the chances around heart failure for post-menopausal females by 25%.

The research reviewed the link between heart health and walking by following about 89,000 females, 50+, for over ten years. What was discovered was that walking was beneficial for women regardless of their weight or the other forms of exercise they engaged in. Important to note was that a power walk wasn’t necessarily needed, and that an average-to-fast past could reap the same benefits when it came to a decrease in mortality.

At times, there is a misconception that walking isn’t enough of a workout to decrease issues around cardiovascular health; however, the results from the study revealed that walking is not only an acceptable physical activity, but it also equals out when it comes to other forms of exercise reviewed that are linked to lower risks around heart issues.

Which is great news, considering heart disease remains to be the number one killer when it comes to females in the United States, with stats showing that about 500,000 women pass away from this issue yearly in the country. In fact, as females age, their risk around heart issues increase. The research also discovered that women from the ages of 75 to 84 are three times more likely to fall victim to heart failure, versus females from the ages of 65 to 74.

Best Life Online reported that in light of this new research, the motivation to get outside and enjoy these warmer days stands greater than ever. If you need any more reasons (or increased commitment) to go out for walk … maybe it’s time to think about getting a dog.





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