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Study: Walking Might Be Better Than The Gym


You may think you need a high-priced gym membership to help whip your body into shape; however, the truth is, all you may need is some sweat pants, a good pair of running shoes, and the open road (water, and MP3 player, optional). That’s because a study recently conducted by the London School of Economics and Political Science discovered that those who walk regularly tend be in better shape than their gym-going friends.

MSN reported the study reviewed 50,000 people over 13 years of age. It seems that those who walked briskly for a minimum of thirty minutes daily were likelier to have lower Body Mass Index (BMI) numbers, and smaller waistlines than those people who went to the gym regularly, and partook in moderate-intensity exercises or physical activities. These results were more noticeable in people (especially women) over 50 years of age.

Please note, the results of this research is in correlation, which means those who were studied, and reported daily walks also happened to be at an optimal body weight; the research is not clear on the idea that walking alone was the reason for this, as many factors can also affect weight, such as overall health and nutritional habits.

Still, these results are optimistic, as walking is a natural and cost effective way (it is free after all) to stay active, fit, and healthy. It’s also wonderful news for all those out there looking for a physical activity, but hate the idea of going to gym. Add the costly prices of monthly gym fees, not to mention the intimidation factor of stepping into a gym, or fitness class, and unfortunately people miss out on physical activity because they simply do not want to go to gym. However, walking can be done anywhere, and has been proven to help decrease the chances of diabetes, heart disease, and other health issues.





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