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Study: Working Moms Offer Kids Benefits Later In Life


While many working moms carry around a little guilt for missing out on some of their children’s important milestones as they try and bring home the bacon; a new study reveals that they are doing a whole lotta good that will be felt by their kiddos later on in the years.

CNN reported that a study team comprised of both United Kingdom and United States researchers reviewed data on over 100,000 women and men that spread across 29 nations to see how a mom’s employment was connected to her kids’ outcomes when they reached adults.

The research revealed that girls raised by working moms are likelier to have successful careers when they grow up; meanwhile, sons raised by working moms spent more time caring for family members in the home while adults.

In addition, the study revealed no major links between a mom’s employment status and whether her kids grew to be content adults; these kids were just as happy as those children who had moms that stayed home. It’s important to note, the research does not state the kiddos of working moms ended up being better or happier than those with stay-at-home mothers.

Adult women raised by working moms had a 1.21 times greater chance of being employed as an adult, and a 1.29 greater chance of supervising others at work, versus the women who were raised in a home where their moms weren’t employed. The ladies raised by working moms also reported significantly higher yearly incomes.

When it came to the men raised by working moms, they were likelier to spend more time at home, about 50 added minutes each week, caring for the family members, versus those men that were raised by stay-at-home moms. The study also revealed that men raised by working moms tended to be a little more active when it came to child care.

There were limitation on the study and it included the fact data gathered were responses of self-reporting surveys, and increased research is needed when it comes to analyzing ongoing changes within gender roles and our society as a whole.





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