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Are You Suffering From Postpartum Edema?


Just when you thought all the craziness with your body growing a tiny human for nine months inside would finally end at delivery, you’ve now noticed some immense water retention! When does it end? First, this is totally normal and hopefully only something that you’ll have to cope with for a few days.

Postpartum edema can be from a variety of reasons, from having lots of intravenous fluids during the delivery, to having too much sodium in your diet. Basically, for nine months your body your body stored fat and fluids to ensure your baby had everything they need to be born as healthy as possible. The minute the baby is delivered, all that water is seeking a place to go and it can often result in a massive swelling of your hands, feet, legs, and face.

While this is just something that goes away in a short time frame, it still can be very painful and annoying for most Moms. Here you are trying to take care of a newborn all day and night, and you can barely move your body without feeling pain.

Some at home cures to help expedite the process are to use over the counter water pills, just be certain that your OBGYN or midwife is aware you want to use these and that you’re healthy enough for diuretics. Another great way is to drink more water, albeit it sounds weird to but more water in equates more water out! It works, try it! The more you urinate the better at this point. Additionally, you have to keep those feet elevated if your lower body seems to be the biggest area that is holding on to water. It seems almost impossible to be able to sit down for any long period of time when you have a newborn around to care for, but in this case you are going to have to. Do household chores or make bottles in small spurts. The longer you are standing, the worse this condition gets. If you can have a family member or friend come over and help out with tasks that would require you to be on your feet, then use the help.

You will get through it! If you find that you are experiencing terrible pain from this, contact your doctor as soon as possible as revealed that this can also be a sign of kidney issues, or even a blood clot somewhere in the body.





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