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Are You Suffering From Being Super Cranky With Your Children?


It’s safe to say there is no parent that hasn’t had one of those days where they’re children seems get on their very last nerve, but what if this seems to occur more often than those happy days? You’re not alone, and Dr. Meredith Sinclair recently shared that the reason for this could be something as simple as parents have forgotten the importance of play. That’s right, taking a few minutes each day to tap into your silly side may be just what the doctor ordered!

Kids are usually pretty happy creatures, with very little grumpy time during the day and experts reveal that it’s due to them constantly exercising their fun side. Getting outdoors, running, jumping, being silly, engaging in tickling, and being creative each day greatly helps relieve stress, and provide hours of mental clarity. Think about how many times a week you actually do something like that to just let loose and enjoy being alive like your little ones do. Probably not very often, which is how easy it is to succumb to having a poor mood when it’s time to be Super Mom or Super Dad.

Sinclair encourages small changes such as creating dinner time games for the whole family to get involved in, or actually playing outside with your kiddos versus sitting down and watching them play. Science is showing more and more than play time releases dopamine, which is so imperative to your mental health. You don’t have to lose sight of all rules in your household, you just make a few minutes each day to enjoy the fun opportunities you do have with your children and you should see an improvement in your mood.

Some other great ideas she had were to declare a holiday at home for any reason, or have a family sleepover night and just focus on being silly and not rushing around to answer emails or clean the kitchen. You only get so much time with your little angels while their still living under your roof, try these tips out and see if it helps your progress through the day with less moments of having those dips in mood all day.





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