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Could You Be Suffering From Tinnitus?


Are you like many others that presume a condition such as tinnitus is only for those living in their senior years? Well, you would be wrong as thousands of patients are making doctor appointments wondering why they are suffering from ringing in their ears throughout the day. Many of these patients are between the ages of twenty and forty years old, which is not the presumed age group of tinnitus folks.

What is tinnitus? It occurs when you experience hearing a sound or a combination of sounds when otherwise there is no reason to hear any noise. Being in a quiet room for instance where the silence would be deafening at night perhaps just before bed, but you are living with a ringing noise in your ears. Star 2 reported that it can also come in the form of a hissing, buzzing, or clicking noise for some. A number of patients report that they hear these random noises all the time, and they can hear it in either both or just one ear at a time.

No one really seems to have figured out why tinnitus develops in the first place, but some believe it is from hearing loss that has developed over time due to the patient being exposed to loud noises on a regular basis. Those headphones that your teenager is wearing around the house all the time blasting music is truly dangerous later down the line, as they can begin to start losing their hearing and once it’s gone, it’s very troublesome and frustrating to regain it.

Encourage your children to listen to iPads and music at responsible noise levels to ensure you are helping preserve their hearing as long as possible. If at any time you, or your child begins to start hearing the aforementioned noises, it may be best to have a quick hearing test at your doctor’s office to rule out any serious developments. If you do find that tinnitus is playing a role, it is treatable in most cases.





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