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Are Sugar Free Foods Making Your Family Sick?


It is officially 2015, and more people are getting wise to improving their overall health. Strong has become the new skinny, organic has taken over the supermarkets, and parents are aiming to keep their kids off of junk food. Aspartame specifically, has recently made news headlines all over the world for its associated risks in correlation with cancer development. You obviously don’t want to be feeding your children foods that have an ingredient in it that is rumored to be linked to cancer cell growth, so opt to read food labels prior to purchasing at the grocery store next trip.

What is aspartame? This can be found in millions of foods utilized as a sugar substitute. The foods are sold on a commercial level to the public advertised as “sugar free” and “healthy” and have been selling off the shelves for decades without anyone the wiser. It is a zero calorie sweetener derived of lab created chemicals that is massively sweeter to the taste buds over sugar. With all that said, what’s not to love, right?

In 2014, you may have heard about the controversy over the manufacturing company “Monsanto” that began with their representatives claiming their products were safe and not linked to any harmful ailments. Millions did their own research online, formed their own opinions about the commercial chemical giant, and most were not impressed. The company makes and distributes aspartame and for those with little knowledge about the chemical’s history, it was actually banned back in 1971. Somehow, through politically-driven connections aspartame got itself the right to be mass produced again during the 1980’s.

Since it has been permitted to go back into production, the sweetener can be found commonly in just about every type of yogurt you can buy, sodas, candies, energy bars, gum, and even cough suppressants. Aspartame is contrived of three ingredients; methanol, aspartic acid, and phenylalanine which creates a toxin that the brain responds to rather quickly. It has been linked to speech issues, anxiety bouts, headaches, depression, and even situational symptoms in conjunction with MS {multiple sclerosis}. The news mostly reported over the past year about the abuse of soft drinks containing aspartame and how lethal they can be.

This chemical can be linked to children’s diets by the heavy amount of sodas, energy drinks, sports health bar snacks, sports drinks, candies, and even certain medicines that your kids ingest on a daily basis. American children especially, are known for having diets of convenience versus diets of proper nutrition due to their overscheduled lives, and parents using fast food, microwaved foods, and processed food items as sources of fuel. The studies for those that consumed diet soft drinks while out in the hot sun for hours, {picture a child living in Phoenix, Houston, or Dubai playing outside and sipping on a sports drink or a diet soda} then contracting symptoms of mental health illness shortly after. Scary stuff, and more can be found on that particular medical exploitation involving aspartame At This Link.

To avoid aspartame if you find your own evidence that may be worrisome, read all product labels, and look for E951 {as it is commonly labeled}, or anything that reads “sugar free”.  Be a knowledgeable consumer and always seek healthy meal options for your little ones while at the very least during their adolescent years while their bodies and minds are still developing.





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