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Summer Dehydration Can Be Easily Avoided With These Best Practices


It’s summertime, and kids and adult alike adore flocking to the coastal shorelines for some fun in the sun each weekend. While ice cream cones, surfboards, and cocktails by sunset are loved by all, the summertime heat can play a dangerous role in your health if you fall prey to dehydration.

There are many who presume they will never have to worry about the threats of dehydration if they don’t live by the sea, or where there is lots of sunshine during the day, and that could not be further from the truth. Going for a relaxing hike in the mountains on a cloudy day can produce just as much sunburn and dehydration as one on a gorgeous sun-filled afternoon. Newsday advises that it’s this common misconception that can send hundreds of people to the emergency room each year.

Some easy tips to keep you healthy and hydrated all summer long:

– Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your summer activities. Just taking one water bottle on a journey that lasts several hours outside isn’t suffice. Hydration requires a steady flow of liquids going into the body all day long. Take a few sources of liquids with you for a day in the sun, and the same rules apply for children.

– Applying only one coat of sunscreen for the day isn’t going to keep your skin safe for hours upon hours, especially if you will be in and out of water. Always reapply sunscreen after being in the water, and as a good rule of thumb, for every hour that you are outside, touch up your sunscreen and your children’s sun protection creams and sprays alike.

– Have a safety kit with you at all times. If you will be at the beach, on the water, or hiking in a remote area of land, it is always best to have first aid kits on-board. You can purchase a small kit for less than $10 at any local pharmacy shop and they fit into any backpack or handbag. Toss in items such as a flashlight, extra cell phone battery charging packs, or Deep Woods bug spray to really pack on the protection.

– Have a backup plan! There are numerous injuries and even deaths that occur each spring and summer over someone going out for the day alone and getting stuck in the great outdoors. If you plan on mountain climbing, or surfing, or running in back woods trails somewhere that has poor cell phone reception, make certain that you have a plan to have a back up safety check done on you or your activity group. Ask a friend, family member, or someone else not coming on the full adventure to check in with you as the day grows long to be sure that if you get lost, or suffer an injury of any kind, that you will eventually be found and given medical attention that could very well save your life.

The summer is supposed to be a fun filled few weeks of living carefree; don’t let a few extra minutes packing your bags for the day turn into a horrible health hazard.





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