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The Surprising Dangers of Raising Children on a Farm


Farm life is such an incredible culture that provides endless life lessons on survival, while connecting families with numerous types of animals; but can it be a dangerous place to raise children?

If you ask that question to thousands of farmers, you may be surprised at their responses. While most envision farm living as a glorious outdoor experience, it can often have be a place where accidents occur frequently. Each year there are numerous deaths reported of children being involved in some form of agricultural tragedy. The National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety reports that a child dies every three days in a farm related incident. That certainly is a lot of kids falling victim to their lifestyles, but in this day and age is it getting any better? The Associate Press advises that family farm life is definitely improving from what it was years ago. Parents are becoming more aware of protecting their kids around dangerous farm machinery, and keeping them safe from any aggressive animals.

The higher concentration of farm incidents reported appear to be happening in the Midwest region. Experts believe the reason why the death number hasn’t budged much over the past few years, is solely due to the high amount of kids being involved in ATV or UTV vehicles. While safety seems to be more of a priority to the millennial generation of parents, there has been a shift in kids wearing bike helmets and utilizing seat belts in machinery and vehicles altogether.

Small changes such as fencing in animals that may be hazardous to little ones is usually the first step to safely keeping kids out of harms way. For instance, separating Mother animals that are with their young and feeling extra protective of their babies is a great step in preventing children from being involved in a scuffle with a large adult animal. Not allowing kids to use any machinery without being fully trained, or supervised are also excellent tips. Teaching farm life safety from a very young age has been the practice of many successful ranch owners.





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