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Survey: The Most Dangerous Country For Women Worldwide Is India


According to a recent survey of experts, India has been revealed as the most dangerous nation globally when it comes to women because of slave labor and sexual violence risks.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation recently revealed the results of a survey that pooled approximately 550 women’s issues experts that showed India as the most dangerous country when it comes human trafficking, sexual violence, forced labor and marriage, as well as sexual slavery and other reasons.

CNN reported the survey reveals that it is also the most dangerous country around the globe as it relates to female cultural traditions, citing genital mutilation, acid attacks, physical abuse, as well as child marriage as the reasons. India hit the fourth spots seven years ago, in this same survey.

Interestingly enough, nine out of ten nations on this survey list stemmed from either Asia, Africa, or the Middle East. The only Western country listed was America, which hit number ten; this position was directly linked to the recent #MeToo movement.

Rounding up the top ten most dangerous nations worldwide for women included: after India, Afghanistan hit the number two spot, followed by Syria at number three. Somalia was at number four, while Saudi Arabia hit number five, followed by Pakistan. The Democratic Republic of Congo was at seven, followed by Yemen at eight, then Nigeria at the ninth spot. As mentioned above, the United States of America hit number ten, rounding off the top ten list.

The survey results were revealed amongst mounting public concern in India, where a string of highly-publicized rape cases have unfolded, which included two unrelated attacks on girls aged 8 and 16 recently that have created outrage when it comes to female sexual violence in the country.

Thousands of protesters hit the streets in April, demanding that women are better protected in the country, marking some of the largest mass protests within India since the 2012 Delhi rape and murder case of a female college student.

While the country has had a long history with sexual violence issues, after the 2012 case, India’s central government passed laws that increased penalties around rape, sexual assault, and abuse. This included longer prison sentences as well as bringing in the death penalty.
Despite this, approximately 100 sexual assaults are still reported in India, daily, as per the National Crimes Records Bureau. Close to 39,000 were reported in 2015, which marks a 12 percent increase from 2015.





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