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It’s Swimming Season, And New Evidence Shows That Chlorine Can Destroy Your Hair And Skin


It’s that glorious time of year when the sun is shining, the temperature is warm, and you can taste picnic food grilling in the air. During the summer millions of people, young and old alike, engage in swimming on a regular basis. Maybe you hit up the pool on vacation at your hotel, or perhaps you’re fortunate enough to have your own swimming pool right in your backyard; either way you have to learn what the latest research is reporting about the effects chlorine can have on your hair and skin.

Refinery 29 reports that chlorine has many great properties that are crucial to safe swimming habits, such as destroying harmful bacterias lurking in the waters that you otherwise wouldn’t avoid. But, at its roots, it is an extremely harsh chemical, and anytime you place your body around harsh chemicals, you run the risk of damaging your body of course in some fashion.

One of the ways you will notice chlorine wrecking havoc on your body, is through the skin. Your skin is the largest organ your body has, and chlorine takes the moisture right out of it rather quickly. Imagine what it can do to your hair, which is much more fragile than your thick layers of skin. Hair becomes brittle, dry, and often looks like straw from swimming so frequently. Some that simply adore swimming have come up with some creative ways to help combat straw hair, by applying a conditioner to the hair prior to getting in the pool. Utilizing water resistant sunscreen can be the barrier you place against chlorine and your skin. Others opt for lotion that can be applied to the skin prior to showering, but use it before swimming instead. It can help lock in moisture, but choose a thin lotion as they tend to cake onto the skin, and you don’t want to contaminate the pool if it’s a public one. And finally, the best way to prevent moisture loss from swimming, is to always drink a lot of water before and after swimming where there is chlorine.





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