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Taking an Aspirin a Day May Not Always Be Good For You


Are you one of the millions of adults that are considered to be “worried well”? Any idea what that even means? Evidently, that whole theory of popping an aspirin a day to keep the doctor away isn’t all it was cracked up to be. While there are several health benefits to taking aspirin on a regular basis, there appears to be a high population of folks taking them for preventative measures that really have no need to.

The NPR recently detailed that over half of the American population are currently consuming aspirins on a daily or every other day basis. Out of that 52% of aspirin takers, 47% of them are self-administering them even though they have no previous history of heart attacks, cardiac issues, or strokes.

This new fad is cause for concern to specialists such as Dr. Nissen, a cardiologist within the Cleveland Clinic. He identifies this group as the “worried well” simply due to their overprotective nature. What they may not be aware of is that administering aspirins regularly equates thinner blood, which is useful in blood clot and stroke prevention, however they can also cause a massive stomach ulcer condition that can last for years. Taking aspirins long term can even lead to bleeding inside your brain; something to consider before becoming your own pharmacist.

If you are a previous cardiac patient, then by all means most physicians would agree that the aspirin risks are much lower than taking the chances of having a stroke or heart condition and encourage those patients to get on a daily regimen of aspirins. Dr. Nissen reports that even young adults under the age of 25 should be well aware of their own blood pressure, claiming that if you suffer from high blood pressure while you are young and in the prime of your life, you are more than likely to have issues with your arteries by the age of 40.

It is strongly advised to never endure a routine of taking regular strength aspirin, as most medical professionals that recommend an aspirin treatment are suggesting the low dose or “baby aspirin” as it is known for so well in the states versus the full strength version. Taking the regular ones can be very damaging, very quickly to your entire digestive system. Always consult with you doctor prior to taking any medications on a regular basis. Obtaining aspirin for an occasional headache is understandable, but getting one in your system like a morning coffee isn’t always a wise health measure.





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