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Is Your Teen Dangerously Smoking Hookah?


Smoking and teens have always gone hand in hand as the group of young guys and ladies are forever going to crave trying new things and pushing the envelope. Those years before your 20’s are experimental ones that everyone probably has a story of growth or two to talk about well into their golden years, and drug use big or small almost always has a role. When you think of the over-abused tobacco cigarettes, you instantly don’t want your child to associate themselves with that, but what do you know about teen hookah use?

The Huffington Post reports that hookah has grown in popularity over the past few years dramatically, and not just for teens. Adults once would only encounter hookah smoking in dark nightclubs in big cities, but such is no longer the case. Hookah is an herbal-based shisha product that doesn’t itself contain tobacco, but it is a huge producer of smoke and dangerous for your health. It is mixed in with traditional tobacco products and is known to be even more hazardous to your body in one session than having an entire pack of cigarettes in one go. That’s quite a comparison to wrap your head around.

This type of smoking was invented in India by a physician that thought there would be less of a risk using tobacco if it was in a water form, but research has proven that just isn’t the result. Experts believe that many young kids have fallen victims to false advertising and propaganda on television and social media that make them think this type of smoking is healthier for them.

It’s recommended that all parents always have open discussions about all substances that kids can come into contact with such as alcohol, prescription pills, and definitely all forms of tobacco products to avoid any confusion and possible addiction hurdles down the road. Kids in 2016 are more prone to substance abuse than any previous generation, and the stakes are high with prescription pills entering the ring. School counselors and family therapists can also play a great role in getting the prevention message through to your teens if you wish to choose that option to ensure that your kids will be safe and tobacco free.


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