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Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans Has Terrifying Road Rage Incident With Son In Car


If you follow the MTV hit show, “Teen Mom”, then you already know all too well about the challenges that Jenelle Evans has with her family and painting the peace raising her three kiddos, but after the most recent episode aired, viewers are very concerned for all involved.

During the episode Jenelle has an interaction with a fellow driver that started off as a man behind her tailgating her. We’ve all been there, and it can be annoying, but what happens next is what makes everyone fearful. The gentleman who was tailgating her then passes her, and slams on his brakes which makes Evans have to maintain control of her vehicle with her son inside and visibly shakes the reality star up (rightfully so). It’s at this point that she could have just kept driving, or pulled off the road and waited then proceeded on her way without being anywhere near the aggressive driver. She didn’t though, instead she followed the driver of the Ford F150 into his neighborhood, and accidentally hit his mailbox. He then proceeded to get into a shouting match with her, and when he tried to block her in he managed to swipe the front of her truck.

Jenelle panics after realizing this isn’t going very well, and pulls out her gun at the man. He then tells her that she “better not shoot”, and Evans pulls away from the street. She then gets pulled over and while speaking outside of the car with the police officer, her son, Jace calls his grandmother telling her what transpired.

You can only imagine how scary this must have been for Jace, being just a kid and seeing a gun pulled out over a tailgating issue. Things could have ended in a shooting, she could have been shot, or Jace. During the episode, you do hear her husband on the phone, David, advising her how dangerous this is to follow some strange man home knowing he was already hot tempered cutting her off and so on.

No one enjoys having to share the road with aggressive or unsafe drivers, but it’s a part of everyday life. You can’t get to the point that this incident revealed, especially with a child in the car. The episode footage was shot back in April and fans have yet to see what, if any consequences have developed as a result of the incident. According to Fox News, viewers reacted quite aggressively after seeing the show, and if that is any indication how this will turn out for Jenelle, it could result in losing custody of her children.





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