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Does Your Teenage Daughter Really Need The HPV Vaccine?


It seems in 2016, doctors are pushing immunizations right and left, but are they all totally necessary? Each shot can be reviewed on a case by case basis, but there will always be exceptions to the rule where some kids just don’t require every single new wave vaccine. Then, you add in the parents that maybe don’t want their kids being vaccinated, that brings a whole new level of questioning into play. Why is it so crucial for your daughter to have this shot, but millions of other girls don’t get it? Currently, the HPV vaccine is facilitated on a voluntary basis, but if you have a child between the ages of 11-13, odds are you’ve heard this HPV vaccine speech from your pediatrician at least once.

One physician, Dr. Diane Harper, has done her homework on this exact vaccine, and has a few opinions about it. She said for instance, that there are but only 50 HPV specialists across the globe, and naturally, she happens to be one of them. Once she began learning in great details about the vaccine, she has not been an avid supporter of it. She feels that it isn’t safe, and that the vaccine alone cannot protect one from developing cervical cancer. The reason behind her theory is that cervical cancer takes many, many years to form inside the body. That just having one HPV vaccine when a female is of teenage years isn’t going to pack enough of a punch to combat this type of cancer from forming entirely. Many doctors push the vaccine for this reason alone, putting parents in a very odd situation feeling guilty if they do not go ahead and have the shot administered to their teens. The whole theory of “What if my daughter gets cancer later and it’s all my fault for not getting her this magical shot” type of thing.

Collective Evolution advises that like any relatively new vaccine, there just hasn’t been enough time lapsed since they were first administered to see what reactions, consequences, or negative effects it could have on a girl. Think of it like Botox for instance. Millions of women flock to cosmetic salons and offices to get these injections put into their faces to make their wrinkles disappear. The scary truth is, these injections haven’t been utilized long enough to see the effects, if any, over decades.

If you wish to give your child the HPV vaccine, certainly that is your choice as their parents. You can also set them up for routine pap smears to get the best preventative care system going. Studies have also shown that the majority of HPV cases end up healing themselves requiring no medical treatment at all. Do your research, and speak with your doctor about the shot to answer all of your questions.





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