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Teens Skipping Breakfast Can Sabotage Their School Day


Are you one of many busy families that are rushing through your morning routine and skipping breakfast? While this may seem like a time saver, it could be setting you up for a rough start to the day. The Washington Post has recently reflected on the issue, especially where kids are concerned missing the most important meal of the day, revealing some interesting results from studies on the matter. Some 25% of American teenagers reportedly miss out on breakfast as they feel it just isn’t necessary, but in reality they are probably a group of people in the most need.

Teens are hitting massive growth spurts, not just with their bones and muscles, but their brains are craving nutrition to function as well. Many teens have voiced that they have decided to pass on that morning bowl of cereal based upon seeing their parents run out the door with nothing but a cup of coffee in their hands. The sad facts are that children that skip a morning meal end up typically having lower test scores in school, and often find difficulty holding their attention spans in class all day.

How can you overcome this breakfast epidemic? Plan ahead by partnering with your teen to identify what foods they like, and what ways you can prepare them possibly ahead of time so that the morning routine isn’t greatly impacted. Some great options are breakfast muffins that you can toss in eggs, bacon, and vegetables into a muffin baking sheet and prepare for the week ahead. Healthy cereals that aren’t loaded with sugar, eggs and fruit, or a healthy smoothie are all excellent ways to start your teen’s day! Track your child’s demeanor and even their grades once you’ve switched to eating breakfast and see if it has improved their quality of life!





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