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Texas High School Football Player Tragically Dies After Collapsing At Practice


For millions of American parents across the nation, learning of a tragic death like this one without question packs quite an emotional punch. You want your kids to enjoy their high school years; to be involved in any sports or activities that fulfill them, but when it threatens their life, where do you draw the line?

The topic of concussions comes to mind most often when parents are debating whether or not to allow their children to participate in contact football, but there are certainly other elements to consider if you reside in Texas, where this young man sadly lost his life. Heat exposure for one; as thousands of these kids are playing and practicing after school hours outdoors in temperatures reaching well over one hundred degrees. Dehydration plays a huge role in sustaining the kids on and off the field all day long during football season. But, is it heat being a factor in what occurred in this child’s tragic death?

Texas News Blog reported that the young athlete was certainly given an outpouring of support by first responders trying diligently to save his precious life. He was airlifted from the field to a nearby hospital and tragically just couldn’t be saved. Experts are still awaiting the full report from the coroner’s office to determine exactly what happened with the student, but the school has stepped in to offer a tremendous amount of support for the peers trying to cope emotionally with this devastating situation.

The family of Marion Olivarez could use your assistance affording the sudden cost of funeral services for the young player; and if you wish to help the family during this unimaginable time of need, the gofundme campaign link is below:





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