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Texas Teenage Boy Killed Just Before His Make a Wish Was Granted


One would imagine that being the parent to a child battling cancer would be the without question the hardest challenge the family would have face in their lifetime, but sadly, for one Texan family that is not the case. For the parents of Diego Rodriguez, this week has been nothing short of a nightmare learning that their 17 year old son has just been killed one day shy of Make a Wish being granted.

According to Good Housekeeping, Rodriguez was caught up in a tragic situation trying to take away a gun from another teen boy and was accidentally shot in the shuffle. The boy that he was attempting to retrieve the gun from fled the area, but local news has recently advised that he has now been placed into custody.

Diego was fighting a tough battle with a form of bone cancer since 2014, and was eagerly awaiting his wish to be coming true which was that his grandfather’s Chevy truck would be revamped. The teen’s Mother apparently promised the child that if he reached his 16th birthday and kept up his fight against his cancer, that she would have the truck redone for him as a gift of accomplishment. The boy’s wish was going to be granted by the Black Jack Speed Shop, which happens to be owned by Tim Duncan, who is a well known basketball star in the NBA.

The San Antonio police have already placed the 15 year old boy into juvenile custody, but he will likely face murder charges and be spending quite a few years in the prison system. The victim’s Father shared that he believes his son simply ended up in an inopportune time at the wrong place. This is the first of this type of tragedy where a teen has been accidentally shot and killed, but hopefully, this particular case will spark some better conversations and precautions in homes all across the states regarding safer gun control.


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