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There’s a Growing Number of Toddlers in the USA Without Insurance


Health care is by far one of the biggest conversation topics for Americans in 2016. Even with the Obamacare program in full swing now, there are still millions of people without coverage. There are a lot of red tape findings happening in numerous states that make it challenging to obtain coverage for every single person, especially where children are concerned, which is a scary thing.

NPR reported that pregnant women can be covered automatically by Medicaid plans all over the country for free to ensure they are getting proper prenatal care, as well as the delivery process all at no charge. From there, the babies are covered, but in some states they are only covered to the adjoining Medicaid plan until their first birthdays. This is to cover the babies for their first year vaccines, which is great, but what happens to these kids once they are toddlers? Now the country is experiencing a growing number of toddlers without any health coverage, and they could very well need some should they end up breaking a bone, getting a virus, or something more severe such as cancer. What options do these parents have?

The truth is, there are a lot of families that are working, but still considered to fall in the bracket of low income total household salaries. While one may presume that a family of four that earns $40,000 per year would automatically qualify for state assisted health coverage, in many states they already earn over the household income number to be approve for coverage. Then the state will usually advise the family that they can instead purchase insurance for their children for a low fee just to get them some from of insurance. As you can imagine, a family of 4 living on that aforementioned salary can’t afford to take another financial hit of any kind so this evolves into families with small children without coverage. It’s a massive cycle that hopefully will get better once there is a new president in the office in 2017. Maybe with a new set of eyes on the healthcare situation, there will come great change.


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