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Three Out Of Five Who Try Smoking Become Addicted To Cigarettes


Cigarettes are highly addictive, no shocker there; however, a recent study revealed that over 60 percent of those who try cigarettes, turn into daily smokers.

CNN revealed that a study team stemming from the United Kingdom (UK) recently reviewed eight surveys, with responses from 215,000 individuals across the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Out of these respondents a little over 60 percent had tried smoking and from those people, close to 69 percent revealed they now smoke cigarettes daily.

Peter Hajek, research lead, commented on the study saying it was the first that revealed the hold smoking has after cigarette experimentation. He went on to state that, as with any progression within an addictive behavior, the transition from experimental to daily practice becomes a vital milestone as it marks the fact that recreational activity has now become a need.

The researchers noted that each survey reviewed had differing styles and methods; however, the number of individuals who turned into daily smokers had confidence interludes of about 60 to 76.9 percent.

Hajek also noted that the results of this study highlight how vital it is to stop people from trying cigarettes out in the first place, which sometimes do happen during the teen years. As per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about nine out of ten smokers in the United States tried their first cigarette before turning 18.

Still, numbers across America do show a downward spiral when it comes to teens and smoking with only eight percent of high schoolers stating they had smoked cigarettes in the last month, in 2016; versus the 16 percent figure in 2011.

Education is key and offering strong resources around the negative effects smoking has on a person’s health, coupled with information on the highly-addictive nature of cigarettes, will only help raise awareness for teens to avoid the butt altogether.





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