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The Tide Pod Challenge Is Still Very Much A Danger For Parents


First it was the Kylie lip challenge, where kids all over the world were suctioning their lips into a small glass in an effort to get lips that looked like they were just injected with collagen. Then, it was the duct tape challenge that went viral where kids were taping their friends to various objects, and even poles outdoors and sat around filming them anxiously trying to get themselves free. Now, it’s the Tide pod challenge, and the results can be catastrophic.

Kids have somehow found an interest in eating the laundry soap pods, in an effort to observe the pod contents dissolve in their mouths, all whilst filming the results. Those results however, can be as severe as burns inside the lining of the mouth, respiratory tract, and esophagus. Some children have even been developing cognitive issues, or extreme vomiting or diarrhea.

Imagine being a parent and getting a phone call from the hospital that your child is being cared for in the emergency room for serious complications following consuming a Tide pod. You would be as confused, and as terrified as a parent can possibly become hooping that this will be but a mere bump in the road, a learning lesson for your child. Often by the time they get to their child, the effects of this awful viral challenge have already set in.

According to the Stanford Advocate, the Tide company has been utilizing social media and television commercials to advise the public to carefully store the pods way from children, but these video challenges continue to be problematic. This proves the theory that kids will do just about anything for some likes, or followers online, even if it places their health in great danger.

Parents really need to be proactive to either not buy the Tide pods altogether so that they aren’t easily found within the home, and/or strongly advise their teens (and all children of any ages to be safe) to never think of participating in this type of dangerous challenge. A simple like or another follower on their social media accounts is not worth the insurmountable risk it could be to their health.





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