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Is It Time To Give Your Teens More Responsibility This School Year?


Parenting is hard work and no one is debating that during the back to school busy season, but parenting teenagers during this time of year can raise tons of questions. How much do you intervene when they’re in middle or high school? Do you have them take on more responsibilities such as packing their own lunches, or consulting with their own coaches with any concerns they may have?

According to, this is the ideal time in a child’s life to hand over the reins and free yourself of the endless tasks they’re fully capable of doing for themselves. While some parents may enjoy being very hands on with their parenting duties and thrive on helping their children out through each and every step of the way, some are counting down the days until they no longer have to cram in all the duties each day.

Experts are suggesting that by middle school you begin to delegate certain tasks to your son or daughter to not only free up some of your own time, but to introduce more independence for the teenager in the process. They can pack their own lunches, wash their own laundry, or help out younger siblings with their homework. If your children don’t already get themselves each day for school, then invest in an alarm clock or have them set alarms on their smartphones as there is no reason why they can’t begin to start their day successfully on their own. Setting out their wardrobe for the following day the night before is usually a best practice that can save so much time during a hectic morning trying to get teenagers out the door for school on time.

The more independent tasks your teens can facilitate on their own the better, and the easier it will be when the time comes for them to transition to bigger opportunities such as college, or moving out. Be proud of all that you have already done for them over the years, and enjoy watching them utilize all the wonderful skills that you’ve taught them!





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