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Is It Time To Start Working From Home? The Emotional and Mental Benefits Might Be Worth Making The Switch!


Do you ever sit in your car during your evening commute trapped in bumper to bumper traffic, daydreaming about having a career that allows you to work from home? You’re not alone, and with the recent surveys completed by CNN Money, the growing telecommuting trend produces happier employees over the in-person, working in a busy office environment.

It’s not all enjoying lattes whilst snuggled up in your pajamas reading emails from nine to five. (Ok, well maybe some days it can be!) Many folks that telecommute find themselves not only more productive than when they were working in a physical place of employment, but happier emotionally, and suffer with less stress over their cubicle hustling counterparts. Why is this? It’s quite simple, working from home saves money by not having to shell out the funds for fuel costs, parking fees, purchasing meals during your shift, paying a babysitter, or dog-sitter, and for costly work week apparel. Maybe your kiddo is sick for the week; there is no having to bare the pressure of calling off work as you can still stay on top of your workload without compromising caring for your child at home.

There is also something to be said for being able to take your laptop outside, and enjoy a lunch in nature, breathing fresh air, and enjoying the outdoors. So much so, that research is proving employees that work in a city environment are more likely to suffer from stress, addiction, ADHD, and a slew of other ailments such as bipolar disorder. That’s a heavy price to pay just because you happen to work in an office environment, don’t you agree?

The study demographics released on, reported that those that can get outside, and take a good look at trees for example for a quick break during the day enjoy the benefits of that positive brain jolt for approximately two hours, and twenty five minutes afterward! Just a few minutes outside even walking to a meeting, or to grab something out of your car could potentially save your workday just by seeing the world outside of those four walls briefly.

Does this mean you can quit your job tomorrow? Probably not, or everyone would work from home, but it does equate that you could potentially look into doing your job from home for another company, off your own back on a freelance platform, or even start doing part time telecommute gigs from home to get started. Working full time outside of the home is a massive commitment. It takes away from your family, from raising your children, from keeping the house the way you want it, and it can be expensive as well. It can also be very trying for those that need daily stimulation from coworkers to keep them afloat, as telecommuting often means being alone all day. Write down the pros and cons and discuss the option with your family to see if this is the change you’ve been craving!





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