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Is It Time to Transfer Your Baby to Baths in the Big Tub?


For millions of parents, bath time with their infants is the best time of the day. They get to wash their chubby little fingers, wrap them up in a towel, and snuggle them into a cozy coma. It’s a treasured time for all involved, and often happening in sinks or baby washing tubs for many months. How do know when it’s time to transfer your little one to bathing in the regular bathtub?

Some Mothers report that they simply prefer to keep their babies bathing in an infant bathing device, or in a sink that has a hose to make it easier to wash the baby, but is it safe? No one can tell you how to cleanse your children, but there are some guidelines to help make this decision a little bit simpler.

The team at Romper suggests the following tips:
– Once your baby can fully sit up all on their own, they are officially at the age where they can be slowly transitioned into the big kid tub. For most, this is somewhere around 6-8 months old. Mom and Dad, you’ll know your baby better than any expert, so go with your gut here. If your baby doesn’t sit confidently alone, then for sure, don’t plop them into the bathtub just for them to fall over and jeopardize their safety.

– Some recommend that if you’ve formally been accustomed to using a bathtub device that you place it in the larger tub the first week or so that you switch. This helps the infant get more comfortable with their new bath time space, and he or she feels safe.

– If you want to add an extra level of security, purchase a bathing seat. This is where the baby sits inside a little plastic seat contraption that has a ring around it that prevents the baby from falling to the side or forward into open water. You can tie waterproof toys to the sides of the bath seat and those little ones that are teething will enjoy something to chew on during their bath.

If you are even unsure about the decision, just ask your pediatrician. A lot of parents that have babies that can still fit perfectly fine into bathing plastic tubs, or into the sink continue to use those methods. It’s all about what makes you and your son or daughter most at ease as this is supposed to be a pleasurable, relaxing time of the day.





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