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TLC’s Cast Of Sister Wives Moving Their Large Family To Flagstaff


Even if you aren’t particularly familiar with polygamy or how works, you may have heard of the infamous American polygamist family, The Browns, from the hit TLC show “Sister Wives”. The show features the life of husband Cody Brown, and his four wives, Robin, Meri, Janelle, and Christine. Between the four wives and Cody they have managed to produce a whopping eighteen children! As you can imagine, it’s a trying time to continue living as a polygamist family in the United States with so many states totally outlawing a union such as this.

AZ Central reported that the Browns are no strangers to dealing with controversy as they have fought back against the laws that prohibit polygamy over the years. It must be terribly challenging to live in this fashion never knowing if you’re going to be jailed, or have to relocate such a large family in a matter of days, or even hours trying to flee from those against this way of life. Whether you agree with their way of life or not, they seem to be raising healthy members of society that are eager to gain an education, and even serve their country in the military.

The family recently stated that they are moving their clan to cooler temperatures in Flagstaff, Arizona! They’ve been residing in Las Vegas for years, and while they aren’t very informative as to why they’ve decided to move states, it seems as if they are all onboard. Zillow recently featured their Vegas houses for sale in the 600K range and up, for their previous 4,000 square foot abodes. No new details have been released on the pricing or exact location of the new digs that the family will be residing in, but once the Sister Wives television series picks back up you’re sure to see the new housing featured on the program. Welcome to Arizona Brown family!





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