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Top 10 Remedies for a Toothache


A toothache can ruin the best planned day in a matter of minutes, which is why you have to learn a little bit about why your tooth hurts before aiming to heal it at home. If you just started your toothache pain, try looking at the one that aches in the mirror. If it appears to have a small hole or a “black spot” in it, odds are you are seeing the signs of a cavity brewing. If you’ve managed to break a piece of your tooth off, lose a filling, or have some form of abscess, you need to get to a dentist sooner than later. Cavities require dentists as well, but if the pain has just begun you can probably wait to get an appointment until it fits your schedule for a day or two. Throbbing pain can send you to the emergency room as nerve pain from your teeth can be absolutely dreadful. If your pain is that severe, get to a dentist to get some antibiotics for infection if needed or at least some pain medication.

If you can swing it at home, then look into some of these home remedies:


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