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Top 10 Signs of a Nervous Breakdown


To a large degree, the evolution of human beings has been a bit of an oxymoron. While arguably in many respects our lives were a lot more difficult some 20, 50, 100 plus years ago, it seems that with all of the advancements that we have made in order to make our lives easier, we are more stressed out now than ever before.

Stress can come in many forms and can have even more causes. Work is perhaps one of the common catalysts for stress that affects just about everyone at some point or another. Perhaps you are unhappy in your job, or are being too much work and responsibility. Maybe your boss is less than desirable, and you work less than ideal hours. And depending on what your job is, it might actually be inherently stressful, like that of an ER doctor or nurse, a firefighter or police officer.

It isn’t only work that can cause a person stress. Life, in general, comes with its own set of obstacles and stressors. There may have been the death of a family member or friend, or you could be going through a divorce. Maybe you lost your job and suddenly you financial obligations are growing. You could be getting married or moving to a new house. You could have experienced a traumatic event or suffered a chronic illness.

By now, it should be apparent that there are many external factors and catalysts that can cause an individual to get stressed. However, sometimes the stress can come from the inside.

Feelings of fear and uncertainty can significant stress on an individual, and it is actually one of the fastest growing reasons for stress. Just think, it’s impossible to turn on the news or pick a newspaper without being bombarded with terrorist attacks, poverty, political scandal and social upheaval.

Setting unrealistic expectations on ourselves and not being able to meet them will also cause undue stress on your life. A major life change can cause stress, just as not having an open mind to the ever-changing world around.

I know it seems that we have been bad mouthing stress up until this point, and with good reason. However, stress is in all actuality a very normal part of life. Not only that, but stress can, in fact, serve a useful purpose.

Stress has been shown to boost a person brainpower giving them clear and stronger cognitive abilities. And in the short term, stress has also been shown to increase your immunity. Stress can also act as a serious motivator to do the things you need and want to do; and as the timeless adage says “what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.”

What happens though when the stress doesn’t stop. When it continues, relentless, day after day, not only come from one source but from many, seemingly in direction. Surely, that takes its toll on a person – and when it does, a nervous breakdown is normally the result.

Just like a person can only lift a finite amount of weight; so can our emotions, our brains, and our psyches only take so much stress before they fall apart.

While all have stress, nobody needs to have a breakdown, especially if you know what to look out for. So without further ado, I present to you the 10 most common signs of an impending nervous breakdown.





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