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Top 10 Warning Signs That Your Teen Has a Drug Problem


It’s without question a parent’s worst nightmare. You are noticing the signs and changes in your teenager at home, and feel that he or she may have a drug addiction. There are tons of parents that presume the worst scenario without really getting some factual evidence to conclude their train of thought may have some merit to it, but often there are kids that know their parents so just too busy or naive to ever question what they are doing and they are using drugs. It’s a slippery slope, you don’t want to destroy your relationship with your child, but at the same time you as a parent have that civil duty to guide them and protect them from harm; even harm that is self-inflicted. Drug use and teenagers go hand in hand, as they are growing during these experimental years. Take notes on the common warning signs, and if your child displays a few of them it may be time to speak to them directly, or better yet, a professional that is better equipped to handle the situation.


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