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Touching Your Face Too Often Can Be Why You’re Always Sick


You probably don’t think to much on how often you touch your face in one particular day, but it could without question, make quite an impact on how often you get sick, and how long you stay sick. We often touch our faces without even thinking about it, sometimes, dozens of times in just one hour alone. You wipe your nose, you sit on the phone with your hand on your face, you rest your head on your hand, or sit with your hands often resting near your mouth; these are all habits that are now proven to wreak havoc on your skin, and your health.

The Herald Times Reporter is advising that the more often you touch your face, or others for that matter, the more frequently you can expect to develop colds, and even transfer the flu virus.

The Reporter has also revealed that on average, most American adults develop a cold anywhere from two to three times per winter season. Medical professionals also report that they see the most patients for treatment of the flu during the month of January over every other time of the year. Doctors say that if you come into contact with others during the day, you must be an advocate of clean hand washing protocol, as well as utilizing hand sanitizer when a sink just isn’t available. It doesn’t end with just washing your hands either, as experts are revealing that if you have wet hands as you depart from the sink or bathroom area, that you are more likely to be someone spreading germs rather quickly around the workplace.

In conclusion, the take aways here are to wash your hands frequently while working all day, and to ensure that you dry them thoroughly after washing them to further prevent any spreading of germs to others from your wet hands. Hand sanitizer is a successful habit, but you do have to be cautious of reapplying it all day long, as research has proven that it can lose its strength after just a few minutes of applying the serum. Keep a small bottle of it with you at all times if possible, and encourage your little ones to keep clean hands for a healthy household all around!





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