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Is The Tremendous Success of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Superseding Other Cancer Needs?


It’s October folks. If you had to think of one of other symbolic color or theme for the month, excluding Halloween of course, what would you correlate the month of October with? Pink, right? Of course, because a zillion people around the world have been well trained in relating the color pink to the month of October, for breast cancer awareness. This is without question a wonderful thing, as cancer research funds continue to increase for this particular type of cancer, but many are starting to feel as if all the pink is possibly overshadowing the numerous other cancers that millions of patients, both young and old, have struggled with.

Pediatric cancer is definitely a soft spot. Anyone fighting cancer is a warrior, but when we learn about children suffering from chemo treatments, and not being able to simply go outside and play because they’re sick, it’s certainly gripping. Pediatric cancer doesn’t seem to get the attention or the funding that breast cancer does; which is rather puzzling.

In a recent article on Statnews, the author reflects on her own thoughts about being someone living the cancer life with a case of colorectal cancer, which is taking over 50,000 lives a year. Her article explains how some of her close contacts didn’t even know what this type of caner was when she was diagnosed, and how she had to explain it to them; which sparks the conversation to begin about why so many other forms of cancer aren’t in the spotlight as much as breast cancer? She goes on to argue the point of women being supportive of other women that have had to undergo breast surgeries as a result of cancer, but no one ever really asks if you’ll lose part of your colon, or any other type of non-breast cancer related surges that are just as impactful on their lives.

This doesn’t mean you need to stop wearing pink this month, as any cancer situation is one to take seriously, and respectfully. It does however, beg the question, “When are the endless other forms of cancer going to gain awareness coverage similar to breast cancer?”





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