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Trials Set for 2016 in Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Cases


For what seems like ions, we as Mothers have been taught to always change our baby’s diapers quickly and to use a dash of baby powder to keep bottoms fresh. Women have also utilized the age old powder to maintain clean feminine hygiene for years upon years; until now.

Studies have apparently been performed since the 1980’s {unbeknownst to the general public} regarding the correlation between the coveted baby powder and ovarian cancer. Have your attention yet? Most of us ladies have our own beauty routines, and most of which is usually gets handed down to us from our teen years via our Mothers; with baby powder being a “safe” product to incorporate into the daily routine. Never would most women ever assume shaking that product on their baby’s bottoms or in their undergarments would ever result in a horrifying case of cancer years down the road.

Let’s get some statistical data on the table to digest provided by ; 14,000 women die each year as a result of a battle with ovarian cancer. It affects 20,000, which equates to 1 female in every 70. Those women that made talc powder a part of their daily routines have a higher chance of developing the cancer by 35%! That’s pretty significant when cancer is on the table. Since the first finding of talc powder and its correlation to ovarian cancer was founded, some 700 cancer patients (or the families of those that have passed away) are pointing the finger at talc powder use. Some companies involved in these lawsuits are Johnson & Johnson, Imerys Talc America, Inc, and Personal Care Products Council.

Women who have suffered from their personal battles with ovarian cancer are very curious as to why this issue hasn’t been made public ad of yet. Why are there no warnings about the powders to use essentially “at your own risk” at this point? The businesses mentioned in all of the cases report the statistical associations between their product and ovarian cancer are “weak”, and that there is no proof that the powder can travel through the genital area into the ovaries. The trials are set to kick off in 2016, and you can expect to hear a lot of news about the cases no doubt via social media, but until a definitive picture has been displayed based on facts and medical evidence the choice is yours whether or not to continue using the powder products on your own opinion.





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