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Trump’s Administration Decreases Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programming


Finding out the news that you’re about to become a first time Mother is without question, a life changing day, but when it’s a child carrying a baby, the happy perception can often be short lived. Teen pregnancy rates are definitely lower in 2017 than they’ve been in the past, but it’s still very much an epidemic across the globe. Now, the Trump administration has cut the funding for some of the country’s popular teen pregnancy prevention programs, causing concern for many worried about the possibility of young Moms growing again.

According to the team at My San Antonio, the Department of Health and Human Services reported that the current funding program was set to five years, and that it would be decreased to three going forward. This would equate the funding coming to a close in 2018, versus 2018. The cut effects over 80 various locations across the nation with a heavy burden on the state of Texas, where they lead the country in teen pregnancies. Some eight programs offered in the state of Texas received roughly nine million dollars have now been cut. Some beneficial educational programs that were offered at these locations were sex ed classes for some 17,000 students residing in Bear County alone.

Studies in the past have proven that the more sexual education platforms teenagers have access to, the lower the chances of high school students become young parents. And of course, there are many very concerned about the potential spike in abortions these cuts could lead to. There will always be a massive need for educational programs such as this to help continue bringing awareness on the topic of teen pregnancy, and sexual health as a whole. If you happen to be the parent of a teenager, perhaps now is the time to sit down with them and discuss the best methods to avoid teen pregnancies, and to practice safe sex habits before your child becomes exposed to a situation they may not be prepared for.


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