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Trying To Lose Belly Fat? Stop Spending So Much Time Watching TV


Everyone knows the ages old saying of calling those who sit for hours upon hours in front of the television the coveted title of “couch potato”, but what if even watching an “normal” amount of tv each week could be contributing to your weight loss challenges? Obviously, as common sense would tell you, if you spend a high amount of time sitting still and not moving your body, that it will add a few pounds to your frame. Add in a few unhealthy snacks to that nightly cozy time in front of the tv, and you’re in for a weight gaining habit.

Recently, a study was published that depicted this very practice stating that for every 90 minutes a person spends watching television, that roughly 3 cubic centimeters was shown as an increase in tummy fat. The details in the study were provided by the Minnpost, where they advised readers that this change in abdominal fat doesn’t typically occur when someone is lounging around engaged in other activities. Reading a book, or chatting to your best friend on the telephone for instance aren’t activities where the individual is usually consuming a high amount of fatty snack foods while talking or reading as they typically do whilst watching their favorite shows. Millions of people are glued to the tv on a particular weeknight (or two) eagerly tuning into to their favorite prime time series with baited breath. They often find themselves inviting others over to watch the show together, and that always involves some yummy appetizers and cocktails to make the evening a delight! I

s this a practice that millions of people now have to be in fear of gaining weight in their midsections? No, it just means do it sensibly from now on. If you love watching television, then just incorporate some type of movement while you watch. Many enjoy walking on a treadmill, riding an indoor bicycle, or doing some yoga poses without worrying about extra pounds. You can also preplan your television snacking foods to avoid any extra calories that ordinarily may happen when you just grab whatever is available in your pantry.


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