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Two Year Old Boy Removed From Parents’ Care After Secondhand Smoke Exposure


You can’t really lite up and smoke in public in loads of places all over the world, with a concerted effort to decrease second hand smoke inhalation in those wishing not to be affected by smokers nearby. This movement has certainly changed the amount of smoke children have come into contact with, which is an excellent change in the world for better health. Still, no matter how much medical and scientific studies come forward to educate the public about the dangers of smoking around children, there still lies millions of adults lighting up around their kids, and in some countries they are taking a stand to do something about it.

Recently, Sky News reported on a two year old boy who was taken from his family following concerns brought forth by a health inspector suggesting the child was ingesting large amounts of second hand smoke; to the extent that upon visiting the home, there was literally a “cloud” of smoke lingering over the child. Julie Allen was the health inspector that took charge of this issue, reporting that the parents had been warned previously about the damages that their smoking were inflicting on their toddler son, but still made no changes to their lifestyle.

The young boy had already had an inhaler to help him breathe, but for some reason, the parents continued to smoke in his presence. Ms. Allen informed the Judge presiding over the case that in her entire career she had never come across a house that was so smoky. Another social worker has previously visited with the boy reporting that all his toys and clothes smelled heavily of smoke, and collectively over time, they decided it was best to remove the child from his parents. The child will now be placed in adoptive care where he can get well, and hopefully have an opportunity to become part of a new family.

Secondhand smoke can result in a slew of health issues for children exposed to it on a regular basis:
 Respiratory problems; everything from poor functioning lungs, to asthma can be developed from kiddos being in the presence of smoking.
 Ear infections are extremely common in kids in these types of environments, and the ear infections are often terribly painful for them to suffer from.
 Headaches, sleeping problems, chronic cough, and SIDS are all linked to secondhand smoke.
Use caution when lighting up those cigarettes, as they can cause a great deal of damage to those around you.






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