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Use The “SMART” Method to Making the Healthiest Resolutions for 2017


It’s that time again, where you stop and ponder what changes you wish to make for 2017 with all of the hope and good intentions in the world. Are you one of the few that actually keep and follow through with yours each year? Or are you like millions, that seem to never fully complete those goals? Experts are saying its better to take a new approach to resolutions, and perhaps not making any at all is your best bet. Or, you can create yours with the “SMART” theory as a guide, and it just might shape up to be the healthiest New Year yet!

Therapists are reporting a sizable increase in patients coming to seek therapy services just after a few weeks of the new year under additional stress due to the pressure of resolutions. Many put a lot of strain on themselves to achieve often unobtainable goals, which can spiral out of control. Experts in mental health and therapeutic services are now suggesting that those who find this cycle reoccurring, to make this the season that they don’t create goals that are so challenging and stressful. Instead, using the SMART method, they can hopefully formulate resolutions that are more attainable, and in return, live with less anxiety.

The SMART method stands for:

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Rewarding, Time Bounded

This methodology, which is pretty self explainable, is patterned to help the goal setter achieve their resolutions by creating ones that fit into these brackets. Being specific about your resolution so that you have it jotted down precisely what your goal is. Measurable, by using tools to show your progress and how far you have to go. Attainable, which is probably the biggest downfall of goal setters currently, to create ones that aren’t a dream, but more realistically able to happen with your everyday schedule and demands. Reward yourself with the goal so that it is actually something you want to achieve, versus something that you have to achieve. Time bounded by making yourself a deadline and sticking to it to hold yourself accountable. There are additional details on this very process, and helpful hints in the recent post published by the Star Journal Now, by Wendy M. Henrichs. It’s definitely worth looking into to see if this year is the one that your goals become accomplishments for a new you in 2017!





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