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Using Celebrity Jennifer Aniston For Dry Eye Campaign Has Shed Light on Popular Dry Eye Condition


Have you see the latest dry eye commercial that features the lovely well known “Friends” television star, Jennifer Aniston? Usually when you see a celebrity in any type of advertisement, it’s only because they have been paid to act and promote the product, but in this case, Jen opens up about her real life struggle with dry eye syndrome, shedding some light on the growing health condition.

Dry eye is pretty self explanatory, as it is when the eyes become easily irritated and develop a dry, red, even itchy feeling. Some get it simply from being outdoors during allergy seasons, while others tend to develop the optical illness with no reasonable explanation at all. They rely on eye drops, vitamins, eye supplements, and even advanced contact lenses that retain moisture for longer spans of time, but these remedies don’t always cut it.

Millions of people are coming out of the woodwork after seeing that a celebrity like Aniston even suffers from this. She openly admitted to living with an addiction to using eye drops repeatedly day after day for quite some time. As it turns out, this habit is extremely popular and widespread as millions of dry eye sufferers also rely on carrying around a liquid dropper of some sort with them at all times.

Is there a more permanent solution to this annoying habit? You most likely have already seen the commercials for the other dry eye campaign, called Restatsis.

Fierce Pharma reported that this product along with a newly approved version, called Xiidra, are sweeping the nation as easy ways to combat dry eye symptoms. You will need to see a general practitioner, or an optometrist that can properly diagnose your condition. Many assume that they have dry eye right off the bat without taking any other factors into consideration. A specialist can take a very close look into each symptom and get a better understanding if it is a chronic dry eye condition, or if it is just seasonal allergies playing a role with your eyes.

If you experience dry eyes on a regular basis, or feel the need to constantly use drops to keep your eyes lubricated enough to get through the day, then certainly do yourself a favor and make an appointment with your doctor today!





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