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Is Vaseline The Cure For Your Chronic Battle With Acne?


Does merely reading the title of this article terrify you as someone living with acne? That’s a common reaction to those who wouldn’t ever remotely consider lathering their skin with vaseline, but it actually has some big fans as the age old jelly remedy is clearing up some serious skin!

The thick texture of Vaseline is what typically keeps acne sufferers away from using it, as there is a huge fear of it clogging the pores even more. Dermatologists are saying this is definitely not true, and shouldn’t be a reason to not give it a try. Vaseline has been proven as a way to maintain soft, youthful skin for decades; in fact most have a grandmother with glowing skin that still swears by using a dab of it each night. The same theory can apply to finally ridding your face of that stubborn acne. Experts are recommending trying a thin layer of the jelly over a freshly washed face at bedtime, and seeing the difference for yourself in the morning.

As reported on, petroleum jelly has a way of lifting the crud out of the pores that is causing the acne in the first place. It can result in clearing out those pesky black or whiteheads you’ve been suffering with for years, but you have to stick with it! If you only use the remedy once here or there, you won’t see the results that are popping up all over social media. Additionally, you must cleanse the skin thoroughly before placing the Vaseline on the skin, and after it’s been on the skin overnight.

You can also utilize the jelly for wrinkle prevention, and to combat extremely dry skin patches that may be all over the body. Dabbing a bit on the neck, elbows, knees, and feet will provide a gentle way to moisturize the skin. The best part of this whole remedy? It’s incredibly cheap! Forget spending way too much on pricey name brand serums at the perfume counter; all you need is a dollar or two to take home a jar of Vaseline, and you’re happily on your way to smooth, acne free skin.





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