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Vegan Lifestyle Can Reduce Risk Of Prostate Cancer


According to a recent study, which was funded by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), an individual can reduce their chances of getting prostate cancer by simply adapting to a vegan diet. Doing so will lower the chances of this type of cancer by 35%.

For those who may not be aware, vegans focus entirely on plant-based foods, eliminating animal products from their diet. Some examples of what vegans eat include grains, nuts, veggies, and fruit.

The study team from Loma Linda University, California conducted the research, and reviewed data from over 26,000 men. When all was said and done, over 1,000 men reported prostate cancer, with only eight percent of those being males who were vegan. The researchers also found that a 35% decrease in risk of this cancer, for men who adapted a vegan lifestyle.

Author lead, Gary Fraser noted that this recent study creates a significant link to how a vegan diet can decrease the risk of prostate cancers. He also stated that more research is needed around the extent that veganism could reduce the number of males developing cancer.

MSN reports that Dr Panagiota Mitrou, director, WCRF, states that because of the increased number of prostate cancer cases popping up as of late, knowing about prevention is vital when it comes to decreasing the number of cases that develop in men. She goes on to say this research is ‘exciting’, an has helped filled some important knowledge gaps about eating, and prevention.

Jimmy Pierce, Vegan Society, stated that the idea of meat-eating might be considered ‘macho’ or potentially creates a mindset that meat increases virility or masculinity; however, these notions need to be set aside to protect men and their health. He goes on to note that this is now the time to forget these ideas about meat, which are outdated, and consider a plant-based diet, regardless of gender. Not only for health reasons, but the planet and animals, as well.

The study comes off the cusp of the World Health Organisation (WHO) announcement recently, classifying processed meat (such as bacon) and red meat as cancer-causing.





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