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Wanna Be Happier? Log Off Facebook


According to a study out of Denmark, people can be happier, simply by forgetting about Facebook for a week or so.
The study, conducted by The Happiness Institute, sought to reveal social media and its effects on people’s happiness. Over 1,000 Facebook users were questioned on their overall satisfaction regarding life, measured on a scale between 1 and 10. MSN reports there are various factors needed to consider; such as -general happiness, enjoyment of life, feelings of sadness or being worried, and whether or not they could make a decision or were enthusiastic. A staggering number of 94 percent revealed they were on Facebook at least once per day. After the initial survey, half of the participants were asked to avoid Facebook for a week; the other half were told to continue with the social media outlet as per the usual.

Once the group gathered a week later, surveys were issued, and evaluated. The results revealed those who had stayed on Facebook for the week had a small increase in overall happiness evaluations; however, they had a 55 percent increase in feeling stressed. Those who gave up the social media outlet for a week had a greater increase in happiness, and results also revealed there was a spike in their social activity and satisfaction within their lives. They also revealed feeling much happier than the group who stayed on Facebook for the week.

CEO, Happiness Research Institute, Meik Wiking chimed in saying that while Facebook isn’t bad, it could affect the way people see their lives, as it distorts the true perceptions of reality, and what others in their social circle are really experiencing. Most only post good things that are going on; it’s like a non-stop news channel that only relays great things. This effectively places a risk of other users only focusing on the negative in their own lives.

Wiking adds that social media should not be used to assess a user’s own life. However, the researchers in the study add it is human nature to lose focus on what you need in life, and instead take a look and admire what others have instead.





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