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Wanna Know Kate Hudson’s Fitness Secrets?


Unless you live under a rock, you’ve obviously heard all about actress Kate Hudson’s fitness gear appears line, called “Fabletics”, which has helped her make he transition from the silver screen to business mogul. The apparel line features swanky leggings and tank tops for the young adult to 50’s range female fitness buyer. Kate brings the appeal of looking like a movie star to her audience, and millions of women all over the world are dying to know her health secrets and now, you can!
Kate’s trainer recently gave up some of her tips to Self magazine, which are all pretty common tricks that everyone should really incorporate into their health routine:

  • Workout for the mental benefits, not solely for the physical ones: self explanatory, but there are endless good things that can be obtained from exercising, such as mental clarity, better sleep, increased energy during the day, and an improved mood.
  • Use any means of available technology: utilize those endless fitness apps at your fingertips, and apply any video tutorials that are at your disposal. You can learn proper fitness routine form for each of the exercises, and even make friends on the apps that are local to you that share the same health interests.
  • Movie bodies aren’t real: we have resources like Photoshop to thank for thinking these unrealistic images of actors and models are actually obtainable. Often, they’re the result of clever editing, or unhealthy means of yoyo dieting with expensive trainers at their beck and call to get that svelte, camera ready figure.
  • Don’t deprive yourself: If you want a piece of cake, have one. Moderation is key, and by not depriving yourself of the little joys in life, you aren’t making your success some form of personal torture. Being healthy doesn’t equate starvation, in fact, it’s often worse than having that coveted glass of wine at the end of a long day at work.
  • Realize how hard you may be working: celebrate the tiny wins! Be proud of yourself, and look back at all of your health progress with confidence.

I think it’s safe to say that Kate and her trainer have the right outlook on this whole healthy, fitness thing. Test out her tips this week and see if you notice improvement in your health game!





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