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Warning: The Lead In Men’s Hair Dye Could Be Jeopardizing Your Health


It’s 2017, and what was somewhat taboo decades ago with men coloring their hair, or shaving body hair, is just par for the “manscaping” routine these days. While some guys enjoy evolving into that silver fox embracing the aging process, others prefer to keep their youthful appearance as long as possible by covering those grays as soon as they appear. Either way, it’s a personal choice, but it’s becoming clear that those who opt to dye their hair, could be running a health risk.

Experts are revealing that there is lead acetate inside hair dyes that are mostly utilized by men, included fin the “progressive” hair dye category. These types of dyes work by coloring the hair gradually over time, versus the instant color change that most women desire. Since the change isn’t so obvious, most men seeking to change their look prefer this particular type of coloring style that uses a much more subtle approach.

This lead component is specifically the ingredient that allows the dye to change the hair color gradually, by activating with oxygen causing the pigment of the hair to become more colorful over time. The manufacturers of these types of hair dyes often encourage the user to not shampoo their hair as often, to allow for the color to continue processing. While this process may be good for coloring the hair, it is terrible allowing the lead to just sit on the hair continuing to ingest the lead.

Lead exposure is well known as being very dangerous, as everyone is aware of the side effects of lead based paint on humans, so why has the FDA not stopped hair dye production containing lead? According to the Federation of State PIRGS, the FDA has allowed lead to be utilized in hair dyes as of the early 2000’s. The price to pay as far as side effects are concerned from using lead hair dyes can be headaches, nausea, to even death, so please discuss these products with your hair dresser, or doctor for additional information, and alternative products to use that are safer.





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