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Are You Washing Your Produce Correctly Before Eating It?


There’s nothing quite like biting into a crisp apple on a Fall day to refresh your mind and body. It’s that time of year to dive into baking with fresh produce, or go out apple or pumpkin picking with your little ones and enjoy all that the season has to offer. Who would have ever thought of this joyous practice as something that can remotely be dangerous?

Millions of people consume a fair amount of fresh produce each day, and most don’t even think about cleaning their fruits and veggies before taking a big bite. Pre washing them is possibly the most imperative step to eating these healthy foods, and not one you can ever afford to skip. Tossing them under running water just isn’t going to cut it either, according to, as expert are advising that just isn’t enough to clean off the pesticides and ensure that your food is safe to consume.

A recent report from The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry revealed the best tip is to wash them thoroughly with baking soda prior to cooking or eating. This process cleans off the pesticides, as well as any fungi, and any potentially dangerous plaques that can be found in the foods unseen by the human eye.

Perviously, many were comfortable with the post harvest practice of washing with a commonly known bleach solution, but scientists are claiming that doesn’t fully get rid of these dangers lurking inside of your produce.

Some are not too thrilled over this news, as they once thought perhaps taking the skin off of their apples would suffice any cleaning routine, however, that could jeopardize depleting crucial vitamins or minerals from the foods. Always try to the latter of the options by simply washing them with baking soda for a few minutes to not lose any flavor, or vitamins, and also keep your produce safe and delicious for meals and snacks.





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