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Could The Way Your Child Sleeps Be Wrecking Havoc On The Behavior During The Day?


For most parents, the instant their child falls asleep they are content with not bothering them to avoid waking them up and sabotaging that coveted quite time, but this can lead to dangerous situations for some kiddos. Does your son or daughter sleep in a strange position often? Do they constantly roll around all night never truly getting comfortable? This could be due to an issue that makes their breathing a challenge when they’re laying down. Many parents have no idea that their child may require surgery to correct an issue that can be very dangerous to their health, and their mood alike.

It isn’t uncommon for kids to have their tonsils, or adenoids removed sometime during childhood. Maybe the child is suffering from a big snoring problem, or they continue to get sick, or suffer from sore throats; in these cases it’s a natural progression to take your child to the doctor to see if this surgery could potentially make their quality of life better. The child is off from school for a few days, and has to eat a soft or liquid diet, then in no time at all, they seem to be back on their feet with little to no complications at all.

First Coast News has reported that doctors are now saying that when children are in their toddler years, their adenoids grow tremendously, which can cause restricted breathing when they try to sleep. Adenoids assist in preventing infections, but if they become problematic, having them removed is an easy fix to what could be a dangerous problem for many young ones. If they grow to certain place in the throat, the child’s airways are blocked, and in turn, they end up miserable the following day from rolling around the previous night trying to find a position to sleep in that allows them to breathe well.

Many parents just brush off poor sleeping skills in young children as something they have to live with, often without exploring a cause for it. Maybe your son or daughter gets up frequently at night, or maybe they start to suffer from unexplained behavioral challenges during the day. These are signs of possibly needing their tonsils or adenoids removed. The best way to find out is to take your child to their family doctor, or to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Sometimes, you may require a referral with some forms of insurance to see an ENT, but it is well worth the visits if this can improve your child’s quality of sleep, and behavior struggles. Typically, the ENT doctor can look into the child’s throat in an office visit, and within a few seconds know if this is an issue. No one wants their little one to undergo surgery, but in this case, it could save them from a childhood of other challenges, as well as be much safer for them sleeping going forward.





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