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Week Long Heat Wave Results in Four Dead in El Paso Heat Related Deaths


The United States is well into the 2016 summer season, and Americans are feeling the heat unlike ever before. There is a massive heat wave going on all over the country, with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees for consecutive days in cities that are no accustomed to living in severe heat. Places like Chicago are bracing for sweltering temps to continue throughout the week with the city beginning to set up cooling stations all over the city, as well as making ice beds for animals at the local zoo to get through the next few days. When you think of Texas however, you presume that residents would be immune to the heat by now as Texas is a hot state with steamy summers being the norm each year. This week, even parts of Texas have gone through some tragic losses over the high temps.

Sadly, The Public Health Department reported that four people have died in El Paso. Robert Resendes is the Director of the Department, and he advises the El Paso Times that what makes these types of tragic events even more upsetting is that most heat related deaths and injuries can be totally preventable. Some just don’t realize after living in such warm temperatures for so long that they are still susceptible to heat injuries.

Here are some tips to stay clear of heat stroke:

– Stay hydrated. Drinking water throughout the say is the first line of defense on the heat war.

– Try to be in the shade as much as possible. Find a shady tree if you must be outside for the day, or sit in your car for a few minutes each hour with the air conditioning running to keep your body temperature in check.

– Dress in light fabrics, that allow you to breathe, and ones that are light in color. Avoid wearing dark, heavy fabrics such as black, dark blue, or brown shades.

– Always be aware of those that are pregnant, senior citizens, or children in these heat waves, as they are the most at risk.


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