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What To Do If You Have Herpes


You’ve just found out you have been diagnosed with a virus known as Herpes, so what do you do now? There is no cure for Herpes but it is still very possible to carry on a normal life, just as you did before. Hearing a diagnoses like that can be terrifying, leaving you with questions about what to do about your future.

Herpes is more common than you think and chances are you probably even know someone who has it. It’s so common in fact that 1 in 5 people have the virus. Although there is no cure for Herpes, it’s not the kind of disease that is life-threatening. There are many things to consider and certainly you are going to have to make some life changes but there is no need to become stressed. Anger, sadness and depression are all common reactions that occur after people have been diagnosed with Herpes. There are some small changes that can be made to begin you on the journey to feeling more comfortable.

Change Your Opinion on What it Means To Have Herpes

Having Herpes doesn’t mean you are dirty and abnormal. It’s common to feel less attractive but nothing has changed. Yes from time to time you are going to have sores on your genitals but the rest of your body is unaffected. You have not changed, you just have herpes.

It’s important however not to spread the virus further. If you have sores refrain from having sex, and let’s be honest you probably won’t feel like it either. You don’t want to get your partner sick, right? So refrain from sex until the outbreak is gone and then continue to use condoms in between outbreaks.

How To Cope With Having Herpes

Life changes are inevitable unfortunately, and it may take some time to adjust. But you will, and you will have a normal life once you get the hang of things. You can still have all the things you have always wanted, kids, a family and a career.

Medication will be a must, but it’s hardly the end of the world. Many people take many medications for a variety of reasons. You just have to get into a routine and you will be all set. Depending on the medication you are on it’s possible that you only need to take it when you have a outbreaks. Outbreaks happen less and less over time.

Being Angry About Herpes

It’s pretty common to get angry at the person who infected you. It’s unlikely that the person did it on purpose. So if that’s not the case then you need to let the anger subside. Having sex with anyone comes with a risk, especially if it’s unprotected. No one ever thinks anything bad will happen to them and you are no different.

There are many things you are going to have to deal with in your life now that this has happened. For example you will need to tell any future sexual partners, how to handle dating and how to handle having sex again. There are many reasons why you may not want to talk to your friends about this so find a support group to help you through things.

Herpes can change your life but you don’t have to let it. It’s a virus, don’t make it all about you.





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