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What’s Your Poison? Different Alcoholic Drinks Can Affect Mood


Do you prefer wine, beer, or spirits? New research reveals that different alcoholic beverages can affect your mood in a variety of ways. The study team stems from the United Kingdom and had a goal to determine how different types of alcohol affect one’s emotions.

The team used anonymous figures from the Global Drug Survey (GDS) for their research. GDS is the biggest online survey when it comes to addressing illicit drug use and alcohol intake of adults, around the world.

The survey asked a variety of questions, including how participants felt when consuming different alcoholic drinks (wine, beer, spirits) within a variety of environments, including social gatherings and home. Respondents had choices when it came to emotions, including: relaxed, feeling energized, confident, sexy; as well as, feeling restless, tired, tearful, or more aggressive.

The study reviewed answers for over 29,000 individuals ranging in age between 18 and 34, with responses coming from 21 different countries. The participants relayed drinking the different types of alcoholic beverages outlined in the survey, over the past year. Interestingly enough, the survey respondents consistently relayed different emotions when it came to consuming the differing alcoholic drinks outlined.

Over 52% of respondents stated that beer and red wine increased relaxation and close to half of the participants stated that beer assists when it comes to winding down for the day. With a 20% respondent rate, spirits hit last place when it came to relaxation.

Still, close to 30% of respondents that drank spirits relayed they felt an increase of aggression when drinking this type of alcohol; while over two percent of red wine drinkers stated the same. It’s important to note, spirits clearly helped with increased energy and confidence, as over 42% of individuals stated the drinks had them feeling sexier.

Medical News Today revealed that the researchers noted the effects of age group, gender, education, and country as influencers around responses. For example, the study team observed that the youngest age demographic – 18 to 24 years of age – were consistent when it came stating that any alcoholic beverage which they drank in a social gathering was likely to increase energy levels, their confidence, as well making them feel sexier.

The researchers did note that the findings could explain why those who drink excessively are motivated by the idea they could increase positive emotions when doing so. Still, it’s key to understand what type of drink may help you feel relaxed, versus aggressive. It depends on the type of mood you want enhance.





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