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Those White Facial Bumps May Not Be Run of The Mill Acne


Everyone at some point has to deal with skin challenges. Whether it’s dry skin, oily skin, acne, or age spots; everyone has a day or two when their skin just isn’t their friend. Ordinarily, white bumps on the face are commonly whiteheads, which are frustrating, but most people squeeze them and they go away. What if you start developing white bumps and they aren’t whiteheads that can’t be popped easily? How do get rid of them? What are they? Millions of patients go through this and come to find out that they have developed a condition called milia.

Milia are bumps that generally form around the eyes, that are bright white in color, and tiny in shape. They are roughly the size of the point on a thumbtack, they typically are not painful at all, and mostly just unpleasant to look at for the patient. They can be harmless, but most desire to get rid of them purely for appearance. This is where the issue comes to play, as most patients cannot seem to get rid of them with ease. Popping them like most would perform on a regular pimple just doesn’t usually work. They can be the type of bump that wants to take up a lengthy residence on your face.

The vast majority of patients end up visiting their dermatologist to get their milia removed. Lancing, and having a chemical peel are the two most common methods of treating them. Some prefer trying to rid them at home by using Retinol creams, or trying any over the counter product that they can find to dry out the skin and remove it. They are incredibly stubborn little bumps that can reappear later down the road as well. New Beauty offered another easy method of steaming the skin regular where the bumps occur to free them of the blockage. Some use household items such as toothpaste on it at night, and many find relief with this method. Sadly, they aren’t always preventable through diet, or supplements. Drinking a lot of water can always help maintain beautiful skin, staying clear of excess sun exposure, and trying to get adequate sleep routinely.





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